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    Mission & Vision Of Prabhushree
    The idea of establishing this school germinated from the concept that world class facilities should be made accessible to the students belonging to the disadvantaged and lower middle-class families of our society.
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    The Insitution shall emphasize on :
    • 1.Quality education.
    • 2.Participation of children in different co-curricular activities.
    • 3.Discipline, punctuality, regularity, good habits and manners.
    • 4.Dignity of labour.
    • 5.Frequent rapport with parents for growth and development.
    • 6.Indivisual attention as far as practicable.
    • 7.Personality development through curricular and co-curricular activities.
    • 8.Development of concepts and self esteem.
    • 9.Inculcating truthfulness among the children.
    • 10.To update students with the present needs of the society.
    • 11.Career as well as character-oriented education.